ART WORK Magazine

Issue Two


ISSUE TWO is a print publication featuring a series of critical essays, auto-fictions, conversations and visual material from cultural workers. We approached art as labour in its processual nature, inviting the writing to emerge out of our conversations. The work which came together explores exhibitions that happened and some that did not; familial ties and unties forming sisterhoods and auntiehoods; protests and memory; soil and gayness; sound and landscape.


ART WORK Magazine is a critical art publication. We are a site of critical inquiry for cultural workers. We explore the potential for a collaboratively-led art community outside institutional frameworks. We prioritise slowness, care, and access.


We asked our contributors to read their pieces for the purposes of accessibility. Here are the audio recordings: some of them include soundscapes and sonic interventions which complement the work you will find in print. Happy listening!



Abbas Zahedi – Alia ShawkatCaspar Heinemann – Himali Singh SoinJamila Prowse – Jasleen KaurJemma DesaiLegacy Russell – Myriam BoulosOnyeka IgwePriya JayRehana ZamanReman SadaniRene MatićRhea DillonShamiran IstifanShenece Oretha



Issue Two will be an A4 publication printed in London thanks to support from Arts Council England.



Pre-orders will be sent out from London upon the publication’s launch on July 1st, 2021. International shipping is available.